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The technical crew tend to work as one big team although it has three main areas of operation: stage operations, sound and lighting. We try to find places for everyone in their particular area of interest where possible, but as the whole process depends on the close interaction of the different areas, all knowledge gained will be good experience for the future.

The stage management look after the organisation of the set, props and cueing the whole show - which would include sound, lighting, set, props, music and the actors. This also includes reading in cues and lines at rehearsals.

Props are responsible for sourcing and organising the props, including supporting the cast. The cast are responsible for the care of their own personal props.

The stage crew put the set together during the "get in", move it as required during the show and then take it down at the end of the "run". The sets are often hired in, but there is generally some set building and painting required.

The sound department install a sound system to suit the production - typically subtly amplifying the singing and dialogue using radio mics and fixed mics, and create and play in sound effects where required. They also provide communications backstage, particularly so that the stage management can "cue" the crew during the show.

The lighting department create a lighting design to complement the set and the action. This involves rigging theatre luminaires and programming a lighting desk. Follow spots are often used to highlight the actors. They are manually operated and cued by the stage management.

It may well be that at particular times during a show a department has a particular complex set of operations to carry out which may need help from members of other departments so there can be a fair bit of cross-over between departments

As well as the experience of existing crew members there is also expert help and guidance available.

There are also opportunities to help out with making and fitting costumes, hair and make-up.

We are looking to recruit crew for our next main production. If you are interested in sound, lighting or backstage crew please fill in this form and we will be in touch.